Material Matters - Wie ein neu gedachte Circular Economy uns zukunftsfähig macht
Material Matters - Het alternatief voor onze roofbouwmaatschappij
Material Matters - Developing business for a circular economy


Thomas Rau is an often-invited speaker, internationally, both as keynote speaker at large conferences and before smaller audiences such as executive boards, policymakers and politicians.  Via numerous international publications, lectures, and television and radio interviews, he is inspiring and motivating people around the world, from a wide variety of industries.

He is known for his thought-provoking, highly original way of thinking. Together with his sharp-witted sense of humour and confrontational way of questioning, this makes him a will-liked guest in discussions that are intended to broaden our mental horizons.  Those who invite Thomas know: this is not going to be a comfortable talk full of agreeable nodding.

In his lectures, Thomas discusses the issues of the future. He puts widespread assumptions into question—and has proven time and again to have an excellent nose for detecting bogus solutions. With his enthusiasm, energy and sense of humour, he knows how to convince many audiences of the far-reaching steps that he believes are required for making the transition from ‘sustainability’ to ‘viability’.

"By far the most interesting speaker, close to philosophical: Thomas Rau, in his lecture about sustainable growth."

"Rau is proving to be a masterful rethinker, who is able to use the right words to put the result of change into perspective."

Captivating and controversial

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Thomas Rau